Error: 900010022, Creating a Class



When creating a class through the DyKnow client or the DyKnow Administration Console, the user receives a 900010022 error.  This error occurs when the client or server machine's regional options are not set to English/US localization, thus causing the dates and times to be formatted differently (e.g. US = mm.dd.yyyy compared to most European countries =


Per the DyKnow technical specifications (, the client or server machine must be set to English/US localization.  To make this change:

  1. Close the DyKnow client or Administration Console.
  2. Go to the Windows Control Panel and open the Regional and Language Options.
  3. Within the 'Regional Options' tab, select 'English (United States)' from the standards and formats drop down box.
  4. Click 'OK' to save the settings and close the dialog.
  5. Launch the DyKnow client or Administration Console, sign in, and attempt to create the class again.
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