Unable to Login Using Default Admin Account



After setting up active directory in the DyKnow administration console, users may receive an error message, "You have entered an incorrect username or password," when attempting to login to the administration console.


If you are unable to login using an active directory faculty or system administrator account, you will need to login using the default admin account that was included with your server software. However, to do so you will need to login using the following User ID syntax:

User ID = .\DefaultAdminAccount

Note: Be sure to include the dot-backslash before the User ID as shown above. You also must replace the DefaultAdminAccount User ID example above with the default admin account you used to initially log into the administration console.

If you are unable to set up active directory authentication with DyKnow, please contact your assigned CRM or email crm@dyknow.com for training and advice.

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