Ink Strokes Skip or Disappear



When writing on a panel, certain ink strokes are skipped or disappear. Commonly, these ink strokes are strokes following a dot.


This has been detected on computers running version of the Wacom Virtual Touch drivers. This issue is resolved by upgrading to version or of the Wacom Virtual Touch drivers.

1. Click Start > Control Panel
2. Click Hardware and Sound > Device Manager
3. Expand Human Interface Devices and locate the Wacom Touch Driver. 


4. Right click on the Wacom Touch Driver > Properties. Click on the Driver tab.
5. If the drive version is, click Update Driver. (If you have already downloaded the new drivers, choose 'Browse my computer' and locate the driver. If you do not have the driver, click 'Search Automatically'.
6. Verify the driver updates to version or greater.


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