Participant Activity Level Not Showing Expected Results



When viewing the Participant Activity Level control during an active DyKnow Session, the Results do not match what is expected. and an message is displayed "2 participant(s) unable to send activity"


It is important to understand how the Participant Activity Level works to understand when possible discrepancies may appear between what the Participant Activity Level shows and what the moderator was expecting.

Scenario 1: The total number of students showing as active/inactive does not match the total number of students showing in the Session List.

The Participant Activity Level can only show activity for participants running the DyKnow Vision 5.5 (released Spring 2012) client or greater. Clients running earlier versions will not show up in the Activity list. The number of students not able to send activity will show at the bottom of the list students who are sending their activity.


The number of participants unable to send activity added to the total number of participants showing activity should equal the total number of students shown as in part of the session in the Session List.
Scenario 2: All participants have the DyKnow client visible on their computers but not all participants are showing up as active in the Participant Activity Level control.
Barring any participant clients that are not sending activity based on scenario 1, having the DyKnow client visible does not necessarily mean that a participant is actively using DyKnow. The participant will only show as active if the participant is actively interacting with DyKnow. If the student has DyKnow Visible but has clicked outside of the DyKnow client with their mouse, they will show as not active.
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