Glossary: DyKnow Product Terminology


Administration Console: a thin client, or web interface where administrators can manage global settings for DyKnow products. The designated administrator can create or add classes, modify user privileges, reset passwords, delete notebooks, and manage institutional settings.

Annotation: notes added directly to the session notebook by participants, usually using the pen tool.

Append: adding panel(s) to the end of a notebook.

Class, Class Folder: a specific course offering (sometimes called a section) with a unique moderator; classes are visually represented in the DyKnow client as a folder.

Client: the basic building block used by all DyKnow products; when working with the appropriate server, client takes on the added functionality of DyKnow Vision or DyKnow Monitor.

MyDyKnow: a view within the DyKnow client that serves as the hub for class activity; users can do things such as save notebooks, sign up for classes, move notebooks between class folders, and start/join sessions.

Filmstrip Viewer: Provides an easy, visual method for navigating and organizing the panels of a notebook. Thumbnail images quickly show the contents of a notebook, and a single click jumps to a desired panel. The filmstrip can also help a user add and remove panels or reorganize them with cut, copy, and paste operations.

In Session, Session, Class Session: an interactive time when a moderator allows one or more participants to receive and manipulate content; a session is made possible by connection to a server over the Internet. 

Moderator: a user who leads a session; usually a teacher, instructor, or trainer.

Notebook: DyKnow document made up of multiple panels.

Online, Signed On: a user is online when he or she has correctly entered a server name and has signed on with a valid user ID and password; once connected, users are not in session, but they have the ability to start or join sessions.

Panel: term for a page or slide in a DyKnow document.

Participant: a user who joins or participates in a session; usually a student or trainee.

Prepared Notes: a DyKnow notebook created ahead of time to be used as the content for a session; prepared notes can be stored on local drives, but it is recommended to save or import them onto the server.

Server: the user-transparent complement to DyKnow client; allows full functionality of DyKnow products and acts as a central repository for DyKnow notebooks.

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