Error: 1603 During Installation



During an installation of DyKnow 5.x or 5.x patch, you see the error "1603: A fatal error occurred during installation". This is a generic error that comes from Windows installer and therefore can have several possible causes and solutions.


If you get this error while applying our 5.x patch, check your initial version. You probably need to upgrade sequentially. Upgrade to or first, then apply the patch.  

Other possible solutions:
  1. Run System File Checker
    a.   Click Start, type CMD and press enter to open a command prompt.
    b.   In the command prompt, type  sfc /scannow and press enter to run System File Checker and replace damaged files.

  2. Reinstall Microsoft.NET 4.5

  3. If this issue continues, please perform a logged install or contact DyKnow Support for more help.
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