Ribbon Bar Appears as Blank, Red X



After opening DyKnow 5.x Monitor or Vision, the Ribbon Bar (which contains the Home, Insert, Authoring, Session, Animation, Monitor, and View tabs) is missing and is replaced by a red X.


The direct cause of this issue is unknown, but several solutions have been found to resolve the issue. 

Possible solutions:

  1. Switch to Windows Basic theme, reboot the computer, switch back to the Windows Aero or custom theme.

  2. Reinstall Microsoft.NET 3.5SP1 (How to repair Microsoft.NET 3.5SP1)

  3. Copy the font 'Microsoft Sans Serif' from a computer that does not have the issue to the affected computer. Fonts are located in C:\Windows\Fonts

  4. Run System File Checker to find and replace damaged Windows files.
          a. Open a command prompt. Type  sfc /scannow  then press Enter.
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