Error: "This Notebook is Not Compatible"


This error usually occurs when the notebook does not get properly saved when saving to the DyKnow server or a local disk drive. The most probable cause is a loss of network connectivity during the save process.

In most cases little can be done to fully recover an incompatible/corrupted notebook.  Customers with an up-to-date support services contract can send their incompatible notebook to and a support team member can attempt to recover some of the notebook.  We cannot guarantee full, if any, recovery of an incompatible/corrupted notebook.

A few ways to possibly prevent this issue from occurring in the future would be to:

  1. Ensure you have solid wireless/wired network connectivity during the save process.  If you suspect the save process is taking longer than necessary or there was network connectivity interruption during the save process, do not close the original notebook open and save a second copy of it as a backup.
  2. Instead of waiting until the end of the DyKnow session to save, try saving periodically throughout the session so the overall save process does not take as long.
  3. Notebooks with a large number of images (particularly larger sized, higher quality images) in them will take longer to save, thus increasing the chance of lost network connectivity during the saving process. 
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