How much network bandwidth is required to run DyKnow?


The average bandwidth used by 500 concurrent DyKnow Clients is 4Mbps; however, DyKnow recommends a minimum of 10Mbps up/down bandwidth because usage varies over time. Additionally, customers utilizing a remote server for DyKnow (i.e. a centrally located server, a campus datacenter server or DyKnow ASP hosting) should take external bandwidth into consideration. 

DyKnow's client-server design creates many networking and product performance benefits, including: increased network efficiency, mass connectivity (hundreds of computers) in local and distance networking environments and efficient operation over wired or wireless networks and the internet from broadband cable/DSL connections. These benefits are possible because DyKnow does not use any peer-to-peer or multicast technology; all data communications within DyKnow are sent exclusively using standard Web protocol. Users need not worry about connectivity interruptions in wireless environments because DyKnow uses special "lost signal transmit" (LSR) technology to address such issues.

Additionally, while DyKnow's core functionality classifies the product as a low network bandwidth application, schools planning to use the full breadth of the DyKnow product should consider having higher bandwidth (
Higher bandwidth is recommended if the customer plans to use DyKnow's "View Screen", "File Transfer" and "Screen Broadcaster" features.). Furthermore, many school districts require Web filters or packet shapers. While the software performs more efficiently without introducing these devices, DyKnow will operate smoothly if server bound traffic can bypass them "untouched".

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