Faculty Accounts Listed as Students


If faculty accounts are listed as students,this is an issue with the DyKnow setup with Active Directory. Any users in DyKnow that are not part of the Faculty or Admin security group will default to student when they log in. When you configured your DyKnow server for Active Directory, you added security groups to DyKnow for the faculty and Admins. What is happening is either those security groups were entered into DyKnow incorrectly and DyKnow cannot find a matching group in Active Directory, or that the users having the issue are not members of those groups.

1. In the Admin Console, click on Manage Institution > Institution Setup Wizard.
2. Click on Authentication in the menu on the left.
3. Navigate to the Group Policies page. The groups listed on this page must match the instructor and faculty groups you have in Active Directory.
4. In Active Directory, you can locate the users having the issue. Right click on their name > Properties, then click on the Member Of tab. Check to make sure they are members of the groups assigned in DyKnow. 

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    Rekha Sukhavasi

    That resolved my issue. Thank you so much


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    Abbey Sullivan

    Hi Rekha,

    I'm so happy to hear that! We hope you continue to find our Knowledge Base is a helpful resource.