Installing DyKnow on Servers Where SQL Server Doesn't Listen To Standard 1433 Port


1. Determine which port the Instance of SQL Server is listening to.

2. During the install process of the DyKnow Database Server on the DB server, when prompted for the database name; type in the name of the server followed by a comma and then the port number that the server is listening on. Below is an example of setting up DyKnow on the default instance of SQL server on the server using port 1433.

(DyKnow Database Server Installer)

3. The rest of the database install should proceed as explained in the installation documentation.

4. When installing the DyKnow Application Server, do the same thing when telling the application server the location of the database server, just follow the database server name with a comma and then the port that the database server is listening on.  

(DyKnow Application Server)

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