Error: License Key does not permit upgrade


When upgrading DyKnow server versions, even with an updated license key, server administrators may encounter the following error messages:

  • "License Key does not permit upgrade to this version."
  • "The license key you entered is invalid or expired."

These error messages are caused by an inactive license key and may be the result of a user attempting to upgrade the server from a server version prior to the most recent release. (For example, attempting to move from 5.5 to 5.8). In this use case, the error message is a necessary result of security enhancements included in the 5.6 release.  If the "Maximum Release Supported" field in the Administration Console is not at least 5.6, you will need an updated key prior to the 5.6 upgrade.



To effectively update the server from a less than recent version, please create a support ticket. You can expect to receive updated license keys that will allow the server to properly upgrade to the latest version.

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