Students Appearing in Classes They Dropped (DyKnow Vision/Monitor)


SCENARIO: Students have dropped classes from their daily schedules. DITO is running and expected to drop these students from their DyKnow classes, but teachers are still seeing students in Monitor or Vision who have left their class.


RESOLUTION: What "Process Type" (Mode) is DITO running in?

Manual: Adds updates

Snapshot: Removes / Deletes users and records

To update users when they have been removed from DyKnow classes, change the DITO definition to "Snapshot" mode.

*NOTE: If students are removed from a class where they had notebooks saved, they will also lose their notebooks upon removal from the DyKnow class. Be sure to archive previous years' and/or semesters' classes prior to switching from Manual to Snapshot mode to avoid losing student work. (Find this in Manage Data > Import Definitions > Archive Classes)

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