Creating Labs and Mobile Carts (Monitor)


Labs and Mobile Carts are created in the Administration Console.


Click here for a Video Tutorial

First, create the Lab

1. Login to the Administration Console.

2. On the left-hand side of the console, find the link called "Add Computer Lab."

3. Type a Description and select whether you wish to create a lab or a mobile cart.

4. Click "Submit New Lab." (Editing or Deleting this and previously created labs can be down through the "Edit a Lab" and "Delete a Lab" links.


Next, populate the newly created labs with workstations.

1. From the Administration console, click the link called "Add Lab Workstation."

2. Select, from the list, which Lab you wish to add to.

3. Use a MAC address, computer name, or IP address to add a workstation. (Bulk additions can be done through the "Bulk Insert" link at the top)

4. When ready, click Submit. (Editing or Deleting workstations can be done through the "Edit Lab Workstation" and "Delete Lab Workstation" links.


For more information, please see our Admin Guide:

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