DyKnow 5.x Monitor/Vision: Forgot or Reset Password/Login



A student or teacher has forgotten their password


You may need to reset a user's password.

If you use Active Directory, you need to reset the password there.

Otherwise, this can be done in the DyKnow Administration Console via the "Reset Password Link." Selecting this option will reset a user's password to match their username. Because DyKnow does not maintain email data for all users (especially students), we do not trigger an email with the information that the password has been reset. The user can now login to DyKnow using their username and newly set password, and will then be prompted to change their password.

username: asullivan
password: asullivan

NOTE: If your school utilizes our DITO tool with Active Directory, selecting the "Reset Password" option will only change the user's password in the DyKnow database. To properly log into the client after resetting the user's password, they will need to add ' .\ ' [period forward slash] before their username in order to bypass Active Directory.

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