For Students: Selection Tutorial


Selection allows you to select your Pen strokes, Highlighter strokes, text within Text Boxes, Screen Grabs, Shapes, Links, and Images from Files in order to move around the panel, enlarge or shrink, or edit text. Selection can be used in both the panel and Private Notes.


Getting Started

1. In your notebook, click the Home tab at the top of the page.

2. Click the Selection icon in the Basic Editing section.

3. By clicking the down arrow on the Selection icon, you can select to use a Selection Box or a Selection Lasso[FG1] .

4. If you are using the Selection Box, click and drag a box around the item(s) you want to select.  If you are using the Selection Lasso, click and trace a circle around the item(s).

5. Click and hold within the selected area created by the Box or Lasso, and move your mouse to adjust the location of your selected item(s). You can also click the corners and sides of the selected area to adjust the size of the item(s). Edit text in Text Boxes by selecting a Text Box and clicking in it. Finally, you can hold the ‘shift’ key while resizing to keep the proportions to scale.



Use the Selection tool to move items around so that your panels and Private Notes look neat and organized. For example, your instructor’s text and writing on DyKnow might run into or overlap your own notes, and the Selection tool can easily relocate your notes.

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