For Students: Find Tutorial


Find allows you to search for either words or phrases, and it finds all matching words or phrases for the search criteria you provide.

Getting Started 

1. In your notebook, click the View tab at the top of the page.

2. Click the Find icon in the Review section.

3. Enter a word or phrase that you want to find in the resulting window, and change the Look in: option to choose where you want to do the search. Click Find Next. This will make the tool go through your chosen locations and highlight the matching word or phrase in typed text, not handwritten text. Continue to click Find Next until you come across what you are searching for.

4. It is not required, but click Show Options if you would like to specify your search. (Note: if you choose Include Handwritten Notes in your Find, your word or phrase must be written very neatly for the tool to recognize it as a match.)



Find can make studying from DyKnow faster and more efficient. For example, you are looking at your DyKnow notes during a review session for a test. As your instructor answers questions and reviews what material will be covered, you are typing the phrase “review session” onto each panel that contains information being discussed currently. Afterwards, when you are you studying from your DyKnow notes, you can do a Find for “review session.” By clicking Find Next, you will be able to view each panel you marked with “review session.” Now you can focus your studying on these important panels, rather than going through each panel and trying to absorb too much information.

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