For Students: Replay Tutorial


Replay allows you to see the formation of a panel from the beginning to the end. If it is available, the audio can also be replayed.


Getting Started

1. In your notebook, navigate to the slide that you want to Replay.

2. Click the Home tab at the top of the page.

3. Click the Replay icon in the Participant Tools section.

4. If your instructor provided audio, you can choose to listen to it by selecting Audio Replay Current Panel or Audio Replay Current Panel to End. Click Play to begin watching the panel replay.

5. You can slow down or speed up the Replay speed by dragging the icon left (slower) or right (faster). You can also manually step through each stroke using the “step” button.



Use Replay when you want to see the process of how the material on the panel came about. For example, if your instructor completes a long, complicated math problem on DyKnow, you could use Replay to see how he or she arrived at the correct answer.


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