DyKnow Cloud - Add or Remove a Student From My Class - Edit Class



Teachers can add or remove students from their existing classes. Classes are built for teachers via a direct integration with your Student Information System (SIS). Because of this, teachers are unable to create or delete classes. Teachers can always manage their rosters in DyKnow Cloud.

Note: If your school is syncing information between your SIS and DyKnow daily, roster changes will be overwritten each morning. If you notice a change that should be permanent on your roster, please contact your school's registrar / SIS manager to make this update in the SIS.



How To Add Students to DyKnow Class Rosters:

  1. Login to DyKnow
  2. Click on the link Edit Roster for the class you wish to edit
  3. Click the button Add Student
  4. Type the student's name in the field
  5. Select the student's name as it appears
  6. The student will have been added to the class
  7. If the student's name does not appear, he or she is either already enrolled or does not have a user account (contact your school Help Desk)


How To Remove Students from DyKnow Class Rosters:

  1. Go to My Classes page
  2. Click on the link Edit Roster for the class you wish to edit
  3. Scroll to the student you would like to remove from a class
  4. Click the X on that student's record
  5. The student will be removed from the class


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