DyKnow Cloud: Questions


You can create Questions to send in DyKnow Cloud before or during your session.

Before Class

1. Log into DyKnow Cloud.

2. From the “My Classes” home screen, click “Question Bank” in the top black bar.


3. Use the pencil icon to edit questions and the garbage can icon to delete questions. To create a new question, click the green “Create a New Question” button.

4. Select the question type you want to create. Enter your question and answers in the corresponding fields. Click the blue “Save” button.

Optional: Choose which of your answers is the correct one.

During Class 

1. From the Thumbnail Screen, select the question mark icon on the right side pane and click the blue "Ask a Question" button.

2. Click "Review" to edit an existing question. Click "Send" to send an existing question.  To create a new question, click the green “Create a New Question” button.

Note: Any questions created during class are automatically saved to your Question Bank.

 Student View & Question Results

1. A pop-up will display the question on the top right-hand corner of the student's screen. Once the student clicks "Send My Answer," the pop-up will disappear.

 2. The Questions Tab will display the results. Click on the answers to view the student responses. 


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