Sample Server Scaling - DyKnow 5.x


About the Client-Server Model

We use the client-server model for many reason but mostly because it increases network performance, is super low-maintenance and very reliable and secure.There are three components of a client-server model:

  • CLIENT – the application (DyKnow Monitor and DyKnow Vision)
  • SERVER – the database (otherwise known as “the cloud”)
  • NETWORK – the communication (connects the client and server)

Check out our server examples below to see how you can set-up your DyKnow environment. You can also browse our useful (but lengthy) client-server specifications pages for full details:

Monitor/Vision (5.x) Client-Server Specifications
Monitor CP Client-Server Specifications

Up to 700 Licenses

  • Type: One Combined DB & Application
  • Processor: DualCore
  • RAM: 8GB (4GB if using less than 350 Licenses)
  • Storage: Monitor Only = 10GB | Monitor and Vision = 20GB (Base) + 8GB per teacher

700 to 2000 Licenses

  • Type: One DB & One Application
  • Processor: DB Server = Quad Core | Application Server = DualCore
  • RAM: DB Server = 16GB | Application Server = 8GB
  • Storage: Monitor = 10GB | Monitor and Vision = 20GB (Base) + 8GB per teacher
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