5.x Server Installation Guide


This guide will walk you through all necessary steps for installing and configuring the 5.x DyKnow Server.  Once complete, you are ready for the client installation guide.

Step 1: Review our example server scaling and ensure your server meets our 5.8 specs or 5.7 specs.

Step 2: Verify the following items:

  • Please install the DyKnow Database Component to a “default” instance and not a “named” instance of SQL Server.
  • “Mixed Mode Authentication” needs to be enabled.
  • SQL Server Agent service needs to be enabled and running.
  • DyKnow installs to the default website on IIS; therefore, exclusive installation of the DyKnow Application Server on IIS is recommended. Installing DyKnow on an application server with another default website will likely cause that website to lose functionality.
  • We strongly recommend configuring the DyKnow server to utilize SSL. For information on setting up SSL, please read our SSL article

Step 3:  Use our SQL Server Installation article to ensure proper setup of SQL. 

Step 4:  Use our IIS Installation article to ensure proper setup of IIS.

Step 5: Install the DyKnow Database Component

  • Step-by-Step Guide
  • NOTE: Institution ID, License Key and server download password needed for this step are provided to you in email by your DyKnow representative. 

Step 6: Install the DyKnow Application Component

Step 7: Open port 443 (HTTPS) to "desktopupdate.dyknow.com" on all application servers as well as through all network, and firewalls and content filters for DyKnow 5.8 to function correctly. 

Step 8:  We recommend establishing a DNS record for servers accessed through the Internet (i.e. dyknow.yourschool.edu). It is more convenient for users accessing the DyKnow server to do so by name rather than IP address.  

Step 9: We recommend adding your DyKnow server (DNS record or IP address) to whitelists on your network security appliances to ensure uninterrupted connection.

Step 10: Log into the DyKnow Administration Console using the administrator account provided in the email from your DyKnow representative. You can access the Console with a web browser on a networked computer by replacing your server name (or IP address) in this link: https://yourservername/dyadmin40

Step 11: Complete the steps in the Institution Setup Wizard – Video Guide (YouTube)

TIP: Create additional administrator accounts for each member of your team who needs access to system wide settings.


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