Server Migration Steps / DyKnow 5.x



To relocate the DyKnow database to a different SQL server or to another location on the current SQL server, you will want to save and restore a backup.

BEFORE following the steps below, ensure your source server is upgraded to the latest version of our server software. The DyKnow server version must match between the source and target server.

If it is not possible to upgrade your source server, you can instead install the matching older version on the target server and upgrade after the migration.

Save backup:

  1. In SQL Server Management Studio, right click the Dyknow40 database node, select Tasks, select Backup.
  2. Remove the location and add a new one located in a well-known location and a recognizable name (ex: c:\migratedb\Dyknow40.bak )
  3. Click ok and see the backup was successful
  4. Move the backup file to the other server

Restore backup on other server:

  1. Perform a fresh installation of the DyKnow Database Server on the new database server. Run any DyKnow Server upgrades that might be necessary to bring the new DyKnow database server to the same version number as your current server.
  2. Locate the .bak file from above
  3. Copy the backup you just created to the new server and Restore the database over the fresh install.  
  4. In SQL Server Managment Studio, right click Database node, select Restore Database
  5. Change the selection to from Device, expand [...] and select our .bak file 
  6. Ensure that Database name is DyKnow40
  7. Ensure that the final location under Restore As [...] matches what you want 
    (typically c:\Program Files\DyKnow\Server\Data\DyKnow40.mdf and
                    c:\Program Files\DyKnow\Server\Data\DyKnow40.ldf 
    for the mdf and ldf files respectively)
  8. Click OK to restore (More detailed instructions to restore a database may be found on the Microsoft Developer Network website. Performing a Complete Database Restore (Full Recovery Model).
  9. Open SQL Server Management Studio and open a new query window for the DyKnow40 database.
  10. Type in the following Script and Execute


use [DyKnow40]
sp_change_users_login 'auto_fix', 'proguser4'

sp_change_users_login 'auto_fix', 'ditouser4'


Once you’ve run the SQL script, log into the DyKnow Admin Console on the new server to verify everything successfully transferred and then log into the DyKnow client (you can use your admin account to do this) to confirm the DyKnow Client can properly connect to the server.

Note: If the application server needs to be pointed to a different database server, please follow the steps in: Point the Application Server to a different Database Server

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