DyKnow Cloud Bulk Data Import (SIS via DITO Utility)


Note: DyKnow requires User, Course, and Enrollment information. Typically, this means you will be sending us at least three files. Scroll to the bottom of this article for specifics on what to include in these files.

The DITO utility allows you to bulk import delimited files of student and class information from your SIS into DyKnow Cloud. It can be one-time or recurring. The DITO utility creates:

  • User accounts
  • DyKnow classes
  • Places students and teachers in the correct classes

The advantage of DITO is that teachers won't have to do any class setup in DyKnow Cloud. The quality of data we receive is important; it ensures teachers see the correct classes and enrollments, and that students are properly authenticated.

To Bulk Import: 

1. Export the necessary information (see below for spec).

2. Upload files via FTPs or recurring FTPs

We accept .csv format (Excel format doesn't work because it may accidentally modify your data). Each row should contain each of the pieces of data below. Please be sure to scroll down to see instructions for Users, Courses, and Enrollments.

At minimum, DyKnow Cloud requires:

  • A Unique SIS ID for students and teachers (e.g. StudentID, Staff number, uniqueID, etc)
  • Username (should match what students use to sign into device OS)
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email (required for Chromebook deployments)
Note:  Teachers will use 'forgot password' to set their initial password unless provided
*Two separate files for students and faculty/admin is recommended if Role isn't available

At minimum, DyKnow Cloud requires:

  • School code
  • School name
  • A Unique SIS ID for each class**
  • Course Name
  • Start Date (mm/dd/yyyy)
  • End Date (mm/dd/yyyy)
  • Semester/term ID
  • Period
  • Academic year identifier (e.g. 16-17, 2016-17)
  • Unique SIS ID for the primary teacher (must match ID in the user accounts file)
**Each physical class must have a Unique SIS ID. For instance, if there are multiple sections of a class offering (Such as Geometry I, sections A and B) each must have a different ID. (Ex. Geometry IA = geo1A, Geometry IB = geo1B)

At minimum, DyKnow Cloud requires:

  • School Code
  • School Name
  • Unique SIS ID for students (must match ID in the user accounts file)
  • SIS ID for the class the corresponding user should be in
  • Semester/term ID (should match the ID in the Courses file)
  • Academic year identifier (should match the identifier in the Courses file)
***Your Enrollment information may be linked to your Course information (like a schedule file). That format is ok as long as the file contains the necessary information for both the Courses and Enrollments.
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