DyKnow Cloud Bulk Data Import (SIS via DITO Utility) and .CSV Guide


DyKnow requires User, Course, and Enrollment information. Typically, this means you will be sending us at least three files. This article outlines the process of bulk importing data into DyKnow.

The DITO utility allows you to bulk import delimited files of student and class information from your SIS into DyKnow Cloud. It can be one-time or recurring. The DITO utility creates:

  • User accounts
  • DyKnow classes
  • Places students and teachers in the correct classes

The advantage of DITO is that teachers won't have to do any class setup in DyKnow Cloud. The quality of data we receive is important; it ensures teachers see the correct classes and enrollments, and that students are properly authenticated.

To Bulk Import: 

  1. NEW! » Export .csv of required information, including the fields listed in our .CSV guide.
  2. Upload .csv files to your institution's secure FTP location (provided by the DyKnow CSM team following your implementation call). 
  3. Email support@dyknow.com to let us know data has been uploaded.  Once the import has been tested and is complete, we can turn on a nightly process checking for new files to ensure DyKnow syncs with newly uploaded data from your SIS.
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