Administrator Implementation Guide: DyKnow Cloud


The following are important setup steps to ensure a successful implementation.

Schedule your implementation call:  If you haven't done so, please schedule your implementation call as outlined in the welcome email. Administrator user credentials, installers, and all aspects of the below are covered in this call.


Allow DyKnow Cloud On Your Network

1. Whitelist "*," "*," and perhaps other sites in your filter, antivirus, and firewall
2. Set IP and Time restrictions for monitoring 

Setup SIS Integration Exports
This step sets the tone for all the following steps. User, class, and class rosters can be created/updated by uploading .csv files to a secure FTP location. This way teachers have no setup to do. Reference our bulk import guide to begin building your files, then send exports to our FTP. We will test data quality and then start the recurring daily upload. 

Test Install
Prior to deploying the DyKnow Cloud agent to all of your devices or finalizing your image we set up a 5 minute install test with 2 devices to ensure the product works uninterrupted across your network. Schedule your test by emailing your dedicated CSM or And if you haven't done it, review compatibility.

Chromebook Schools: Allow DyKnow Authentication

In GSuite, Allow DyKnow authentication against student user accounts.

Navigate to Security > Advanced Settings > Authentication > Manage API Client Access
Under "Authorized API Client," copy and paste the following entries into the "Client Name" and "API Scope" fields, and click "Authorize:"

1. Client
API Scope:

2. Client Name:
API Scope:

Chromebook Schools: Follow Chrome Best Practices

Deploy Student Installer(s) Broadly
As a reminder, the upload of all user accounts above is required prior to mass deploying the student installer. Installation is NOT required for teachers.

Feature Training 101
DyKnow customers who have us onsite usually see better teacher adoption. Email your dedicated CSM or to schedule your purchased PD or hear more about our services. To quickly familiarize yourself to DyKnow Cloud, review our Welcome to DyKnow Cloud guide.

Support Options

  1. Tell your CSM what email alias you want to receive teacher-generated reports from DyKnow Cloud
  2. Search our Knowledge Base for a solution
  3. Open a support ticket by emailing
  4. Accelerate adoption by emailing us apps/websites you want to have in your school's catalog for Blocking Plans
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