MSI Property Values

Enter the value of "1" (without the quotes) if the server this workstation connects to communicates using secure SSL (https) or if DyKnow is hosting your server. Otherwise leave as the default: 0
Enter the value of the non-standard port, if the server this workstation connects to, uses a non-standard port. The port number is considered non-standard if it ISN'T port 80 for regular communication (http) or port 443 for secured communication (https). Otherwise leave as the default: 0
Enter the value between "1" and "30" to dictate the number of days to keep diagnostic logs. The default value of -1 will use the server specified setting (default of 7). To disable logging altogether, set this value to '0'. Otherwise leave as the default: -1
Enter the value of "2" (without the quotes) if this workstation will use a manually designated proxy server. If your machine is configured to use a proxy, leave this field a 0 and DyKnow will use that proxy. Otherwise leave as the default: 0
Enter the server and port for the manually designated proxy server that this workstation will communicate through. The format for this field is http://proxyserver:port. Otherwise leave as the default: null
This will lock down communication settings until DyKnow is uninstalled or upgraded. This setting is to prevent students from changing the communication string in attempt to circumvent Monitor. Only set this bit to 1 if you are confident that your communication settings are correct. Otherwise leave as the default: 0
Enter the value of "1" (without the quotes) if you would like to not install the DyKnow Monitor URL Filtering component. Otherwise leave as the default: 0
(This setting N/A on Monitor Only MSI's) Enter the value of "1" (without the quotes) if you would like to not install DyKnow Monitor. Otherwise leave as the default: 0
To prevent DyKnow from being uninstalled from the machine via add/remove programs by ANY user (including Admin), right click on the property header and select 'Add Row.' Type "ARPNOREMOVE" (without the quotes) for the Property String and enter the value of "1" (without the quotes).
NOTE: Future uninstalls can only be performed by running the original .MSI file on the machine via a command prompt
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