January '14: Check Class Rosters to See if they're Correct

It's that time of year again!
Now that you've come back from winter break refreshed and ready to start a new semester, it's also time to make sure that DyKnow is ready to go as well! One of the most important things you can do is to make sure that your class rosters are correct for the new semester!

Whether you're the one making the DyKnow Rosters, or you're getting help from your school's IT department, do this quick check before you use DyKnow in class.

  1. Log in to DyKnow
  2. At the "My DyKnow" page, verify that your classes are listed. Classes for the new semester should appear.
  3. Click on a class's name. Then, click on the "Roster Tab." All of your student's for that class should appear.
  4. IF YOUR STUDENTS DON'T APPEAR or IF SOME STUDENTS ARE MISSING: contact your IT department with the name of the class and the students who are missing.

If you see all of your students and classes, then you are all set to have an amazing semester!
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