Error 900020028 when starting a Vision session with broadcast audio on 64 bit machines



When attempting to start a Vision session with audio broadcasting on a 64 bit machine you recieve the error:

  An Error has occurred: 900020028

When starting audio broadcasting, DyKnow improperly reads the registry for the installed location of of the DyKnow client and associated broadcast audio apps.


1. Open the registry editor.

2. In HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Wow6432Node add the new key


3. In the new 'DyKnow' Key add a new string value


4. Modify the new 'ClientLocation' string value and set it to the location of your installed DyKnow client*:

   C:\Program Files\DyKnow\

*Note: There is a possiblity that your install location for DyKnow is different then what is shown above.

5. Close the registry editor

6. Restart DyKnow

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