Common DyKnow Cloud Errors + Resolutions

Generally speaking, most errors that you will encounter in DyKnow Cloud can be resolved by refreshing your browser. Some specific errors will need other steps, but a rule of thumb when facing an error message is to hit the "Refresh" button. If that doesn't work, be sure to let us know! Every error page has a reporting tool that will allow you to create a ticket for our Support staff. Give us a detailed description of what you're seeing, and we'll do our best to help!
Some of our users experience issues when resetting their passwords. This error commonly occurs when:
  1. You've entered an email address that is not registered to the User Account in question.
  2. You've accidentally included a typo in the email address
If you still encounter errors when resetting passwords, contact your school's DyKnow Cloud Admin so he or she can look at the email records on file.
Submit a ticket to DyKnow Support! We'll take it from there!
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