DyKnow Cloud: Send Student Data via Secure FTP


This article details how to sync your SIS data into DyKnow Cloud.

*Note: We require secure transmissions per industry best practices. Non-secure FTP is not supported. Your FTP client must support the sFTP or FTPS protocol. If you need a client, we recommend FileZilla.

  1. Tell your CSM or email csm@dyknow.com notifying us of your intention to send files via FTP. The DyKnow team will create your specific FTP account.
  2. Point your FTP client* to either:


  3. Log in using the credentials given to you by your Customer Success Manager.
  4. Drag and drop your SIS export csv files into the upload folder (upload/). Or set up an automated job to upload your data to us periodically. If automating, we recommend you run this job in the middle of the night and be sure to set your target directory to upload (upload/).
  5. Your files will run nightly and changes will be reflected the next day as long as our FTP receives them by 4am EST. 


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