DyKnow 5.6 Client and Server History

5.6.17, November 6, 2013
  • URL Filtering plans slowed down or prevented "view screen" functionality.
  • Trying to add in-use files to a file request could lock the feature
5.6.16, September 10, 2013
  • The client installer incorrectly set permissions causing Start Menu shortcuts to be non-functional for all users except Administrators
5.6.12, May 22, 2013 (Initial release)
  • Added Notifications for students operating in Windows 8 Modern area
  • Added capability to block all Modern Apps in Windows 8
  • When "Attention" is applied, both the Modern area and Desktop are unaccessible
  • Resolved the issue where students could bypass Monitor through a Virtual Desktop application
  • Resolved an issue where size properties were lost when users signed out.
  • Replaced Windows Media Encoder 9 (no longer Microsoft supported) with Expression Encoder 4.0
5.6.12, May 22, 2013 (Initial Release)
Server Changes
Significant security upgrades have been made which eliminate backwards compatibility. Installing or upgrading to the 5.6 server requires that all connecting clients also use 5.6.
  • Server upgrades require a new license key. Contact DyKnow Support for assistance.
  • For added security, we recommend upgrading your DyKnow server to HTTPS. There are some simple and free SSL Security Certificates available with good implementation instructions here.
  • Added Support for Windows Server 2012
Administration Console Changes
  • Paging: Modified to support paging for long lists of Users, Classes, or Enrollments
  • Search: Added ability to search for Users of Classes by the external Key
  • Create Users and classes: Updated the "Add User" and "Create Class" screens to include the external key fields
  • Resolved issue where users are unable to log in to the Admin Console with a password greater than 24 characters
  • Resolved issue where a timeout may occur when purging large numbers of users and/or classes
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