DyKnow Diagnostic Tool Installer (5.7 only)


When run on student PCs, the DyKnow Diagnostic Tool solves common DyKnow Monitor 5.7 thumbnail issues.


Same as for DyKnow Monitor/DyKnow Vision v5.7


For student devices only:

64-bit MSI

32-bit MSI

Running the DyKnow Diagnostic Tool

Once installed, students can find the program in the below directory:

C:\Program Files\DyKnow\DiagnosticTool

Have the student run DyKnowDiagnosticTool.exe, and the tool will immediately begin troubleshooting your DyKnow Monitor issue.  It will automatically resolve common issues and provide instructions on resolving the issue if it cannot be automatically resolved.

Sample Visuals


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