DyKnow Diagnostic Tool: Error Codes and Fixes


Error Codes Defined

Problem: Missing files

Tool will report: Looks like you had a bad install. Uninstall and try again.


Problem: Not installed

Tool will report: Monitor is not installed. Contact your help desk.


Problem: Proxy blocking Monitor

Tool will report: Monitor is being blocked by your school's content filter. Contact your help desk.


Problem: Blank Communication Settings

Tool will report: You are not showing up in Monitor because the Communication String is blank. Set your Communications String from the Login screen.


Problem: Communication test failed

Tool will report: Your communication string "dyknow://dyno.myschool.k12.us" is wrong, most likely because of a typo. Contact your HelpDesk for assistance.


Problem: No network connection

Tool will report: DyKnow requires an Internet connection. Please connect to your school's network.

Problem: Everything looks normal but it still isn't monitored.  Deeper troubleshooting is required.

Tool will report: Everything looks ok, but you still aren't Monitored. Have your HelpDesk check Enrollments in the Administration Console or contact DyKnow Support.


If all is well, the tool will report: Everything checks out. You are being monitored in [CLASSNAME] by [TEACHER].

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