Using Barracuda and DyKnow Monitor 5.7



There is a known conflict between the DyKnow Monitor v5.7 Filter URLs feature and the Barracuda Web Filter/Security agent.


If you are using Barracuda Web Security Agent, you must use DyKnow Monitor v5.8.

If you are using a Barracuda Web Filter appliance, we recommend you use DyKnow Monitor v5.8.  If you must use DyKnow Monitor v5.7, you must follow these steps:

  1. DyKnow Administration Console
  2. Manage Institution
  3. Edit Global URL Filtering Allow List
  4. [insert IP address of your Barracuda Web Filter appliance]
  5. Click Next until it saves

All other Barracuda product lines work without issue.

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