Trend Micro and DyKnow's URL filtering incompatibility



There is a known issue with the compatibility between Trend Micro Antivirus and DyKnow 5.7 that will prevent DyKnow's URL filtering component from filtering web traffic.


DyKnow is currently working on a permanent resolution; however, the following can also be used to resolve the incompatibility:

  1. Disable the Trend Micro tdi driver.  
  2. Add the following to the Global URL filter bypass list in the administration console
    1. Program Title:  Trend Micro 1  Exe**:  TMBMSRV.exe
    2. Program Title:  TM 2              Exe**:  TmCCSF.exe
    3. Program Title:  TM 3              Exe**:  TmListen.exe
    4. Program Title:  svchost          Exe**:  svchost.exe

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact DyKnow Technical Support by emailing or calling 1.888.839.5669 x1

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