DyKnow Cloud Release 7.0.17 - (11/1/14)


Release Notes

Available November 1, 2014

  • Improves reliability of document upload and improves speed when uploading multiple documents at a time
  • Fixes an issue where Status is lost when viewing Analytics page from the teacher dashboard
  • Corrects an issue where Focus (Activity Level) information does not correctly display for certain devices/browsers as well as several other issues involving Focus (Activity Level)
  • Text Boxes now no longer exhibit strange behaviors (un-editable, un-placeable, etc.)
  • Resolves instances where Pass the Chalk did not update with student ink
  • Fixes an issue where Firefox browsers display a blank page rather than a document
  • Various back end fixes

Beta-Only Updates:

  • Addresses instances where URL filtering does not apply correctly
  • Fixes an issue where Monitor does not release student thumbnails when a session is ended
  • Various back end fixes
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