DyKnow Cloud: Installing Extension on Student Chromebook


The DyKnow Cloud extension is designed for and supported on student Chromebooks only.

For additional setup instructions, please reference our article on Chromebook Best Practices.

Install Through Google Management Console

GSuite / Google Management/Admin Console is available for Chrome devices purchased directly from Google or a reseller. We highly recommend it for managed deployments. For basic setup of this console, refer to Google's documentation or this 3rd party video.

  1. Log into your Google Admin Console using an administrator account
  2. Click on Device ManagementChrome Management
  3. Click User Settings and choose the organization i.e. student Chromebooks*
  4. Scroll to Apps and Extension section and click on Force-installed Apps and Extensions > Manage Force-installed Apps
  5. Click on Chrome Web Store and type DyKnow Cloud in the search bar.
  6. Click Add next to our product > Save.
  7. Click Allowed Apps and Extensions > Manage.
  8. Allow the DyKnow Cloud extension > Save.
  9. At the bottom right corner of the page click Save Changes.
  10. We strongly recommend that students log out/log after this push since this will force their devices to update extensions.
* DyKnow supports our extension only on student Chromebooks. The supported DyKnow client for student PCs is our .MSI, and DyKnow is supported on student MacBooks via our .pkg.
NOTE: Google's default is for Chrome extensions to "travel" with Google user credentials, so if a student who has DyKnow Cloud on a Chromebook uses his or her school Google credentials to sign into a different Chromebook (i.e. a loaner device), the DyKnow extension will automatically be installed there, too.
If this is a concern, you can deactivate this through Google Admin > Apps > Additional Google Services > Settings for Google Chrome Sync, and/or restrict the use of DyKnow Cloud by Date/ Time or IP address.
Allow DyKnow Authentication

In GSuite, Allow DyKnow authentication against student user accounts.

Navigate to Security > Advanced Settings > Authentication > Manage API Client Access
Under "Authorized API Client," copy and paste the following entries into the "Client Name" and "API Scope" fields, and click "Authorize:"

  1. Client Name:
    API Scope:
  2. Client Name:
    API Scope:

Manual Install

  1. On a student Chromebook navigate to the Chrome Web Store
  2. Search for "DyKnow Cloud" and install it
  3. After installation, you will be asked to connect your Google account to DyKnow.  Your Google email address should match the email address for a user in DyKnow.
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