How do I add an application to the DyKnow 5.7/5.8 bypass list?


Adding to this list means that users will always be able use the added application(s), regardless of a teacher's DyKnow Monitor plans. 

Another reason to do this is that the installation of DyKnow Monitor 5.7 sometimes interferes with 3rd party apps

Here is how to add applications to our Bypass List:

  1. Log into DyKnow Administration Console (server 5.7 or 5.8)
  2. Manage Institution
  3. Edit Global URL Filtering Bypass List
  4. Add Program
  5. Enter program name and exe name (To find this go to Task Manager > Processes > right click on the application > Go to details > type in what you see in the Name column. Common examples include svchost.exe for a VPN, groove.exe and msosync.exe for Onedrive, or outlook.exe for Microsoft Outlook.)
  6. Update
  7. Update list

For this change to take effect, ensure that teacher and student devices have DyKnow communication settings applied (typical default case).  Then do a restart.  If successful, your 3rd party networked applications will function normally.


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