DyKnow Monitor/Vision is slow or does not work / filter whitelist instructions


This solution may apply if many or all users cannot sign into a DyKnow 5.x (Monitor/Vision) product.

To eliminate potential connectivity issues and minimize traffic flow interruptions to the DyKnow server, it is very important your IT staff add the IP addresses below to the exception list for any security or web appliances (e.g. firewall, proxy server, web/content filter).

Using your own server for 5.x
use [your DyKnow server's DNS name] (HTTP port 80 or 443)
IP: [static IP of your server]

Using the 5.x ASP service if you don't have your own DyKnow server
use secure.dyknow.com (HTTPS port 443)
IP:  Previously was ->

Sending logs from 5.x

use diag.dyknow.com (HTTP port 80)

Note, if your filter is authenticated against your domain, you need to whitelist traffic for all users of your domain, even unauthenticated.

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