Install Dyknow Cloud Connector on Student Windows Device



The Dyknow student agent on Windows/PC devices requires a customized .MSI installer and prerequisites.

Note: Dyknow’sWindows Cloud Connectoris not required on Administrator, Tech Coach, and Teacher devices. 

The customized installer and prerequisites can be deployed manually, via an image, or using your preferred 3rd party push tool.

After the Dyknow agent is installed, it will automatically update by default as we release new software updates. Students will not need to opt into these updates or accept them, they are automatic.

This document is a resource for Dyknow Administrators to understand how to:



Follow the steps below to confirm in Dyknow the usage of Windows/PC devices by students at your district.

1. Login to Dyknow.

2. Click the gear icon DyKnow_Web_App_-_gear_icon.png; you will be redirected to the Admin Settings.

2. Click the Cloud Connector tab.

3. Locate the Choose all student device types section.

4. Click Windows; the Create Cloud Connector window will appear.

4. Determine if you want to prevent students from uninstalling DyKnow from their Windows/PC devices.

5. Click Create; a new Windows Cloud Connector section will display on the page.

6. Review the Windows Cloud Connector section.

7. Click the download icon to download the Windows Cloud Connector.

Note: The Choose Windows Version window will appear.

8. Click to download the bitness version that matches your students’ devices from the Choose Windows Version window.

Note: Your file will begin downloading immediately.

9. Click to download the prerequisite(s) associated with the selected bitness version; you will be directed to the Dyknow Box folder hosting this (these) redistributable(s).

Note: Both 32- and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Visual C++ MUST be installed on 64-bit systems.

10. Click the blue Download button to download this (these) redistributable(s) from the hosting Dyknow Box folder.

11. Continue to install the Windows Cloud Connector and necessary prerequisite(s) onto student devices.



Prerequisite: Confirm Student Windows Usage in Dyknow

Follow the steps below to manually install the Windows Cloud Connector onto student devices.

1. Login to the student Windows device as an Administrator.

2. Double click to install the vcredist_x86 (and vcredist_x64prerequisite file(s) downloaded during the Confirm Student Windows Usage in Dyknow process.

3. Double click to install the downloaded DyKnowCloud_dyknow_x86 or DyKnowCloud_dyknow_x64 Windows Cloud Connector file downloaded during the Confirm Student Windows Usage in Dyknow process.

4. Verify that the Dyknow icon appears in the system tray of the Windows device after installation.



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