DyKnow Cloud: "Student is out of browser"


Google Chromebooks and the Chrome operating system have specific requirements about sharing a student's screen.

DyKnow's implementation of this feature shows teachers the student's browser in a thumbnail image, Activity Tracker, and in Analytics.

Tip: DyKnow Cloud Blocking Plans always work! As soon as the student opens Google Chrome or an Application, your current blocking plan will take place immediately.


In the event a student's Chromebook is turned on, but the student has not opened the Chrome browser or any other applications, teachers will see a message that says "Student is out of browser." You have the option to prevent students from accessing the browser or recommend they get back in browser.

A. Prevent students from leaving the browser:

  1. Open a Blocking Plan
  2. Choose "Allow Only"
  3. Enter "Web browsers" in the Application field. 
  4. Enter websites you wish to allow. 


B. Ask students to get back in the browser:

  1. Hover your mouse over the student's thumbnail
  2. Click the blue button with white arrows ("Big View")
  3. Click the button that says "Send: Get Back in Browser"

Teacher View

Student Chromebook View

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