DyKnow Cloud: Missing thumbnails, Not Connected, Report button


There are a number of reasons why student thumbnail screens may not appear when starting DyKnow Cloud. Some of those scenarios are easily fixed during class time:

  1. Student accepting Share Screen prompt (Chromebook only)
  2. Previous period teacher forgetting to stop DyKnow Cloud
  3. Student device coming out of sleep mode
  4. Student device is closed / turned off
  5. Student moving back to using the DyKnow app (iPad only)
  6. Student device wireless turned off, or reconnecting to wireless
  7. Student is not enrolled in the teacher's class

When known, DyKnow Cloud will list one of these reasons either on the thumbnail or inside the Show students not monitored list.

DyKnow Cloud will attempt to resolve the issue automatically. However, some resolutions require teacher action. A common example here is to Steal student thumbnails from a forgetful teacher's session.

There are a few cases that require your IT team's help. These cases are usually found in the Not Connected list. Clicking the Report button will either notify your IT team that you are experiencing a problem or will open a DyKnow support ticket.

Troubleshooting paths for IT admins include:

  1. DyKnow Cloud agent not installed or corrupted
  2. Network filters / DyKnow Cloud domain not whitelisted
  3. Student device has IP that's outside allowed range
  4. Weak network connectivity
  5. Inaccurate SIS import (which is the case when teachers don't see the students name anywhere in DyKnow Cloud)

Additionally, sending a log report from a student's device can be extremely helpful. 

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