Report Selected Students Not Monitored, Never Connected



There are a few reasons why student device thumbnails may not appear in an active Dyknow monitoring session. When known, Dyknow will list one of these reasons either on the thumbnail or inside the Show students not monitored list.



1. Previous Teacher forgetting to end their DyKnow monitoring session

Steal student thumbnails from a forgetful teacher's session.

2. Student device is closed / turned off / coming out of sleep mode.

3. Student is logged onto device with incorrect credentials.

4. Student device has no Wifi connection or is reconnecting to Wifi.

Verify Dyknow IP Restrictions.

5. Student is not enrolled in the Teacher's Class.

Verify student data is in Dyknow.

Add student to Class roster.

6. Dyknow Cloud Connector is not installed on student device.

Install Dyknow Cloud Connector.



Some of those scenarios are easily fixed during Class time, while others may require your IT team's help (and these cases are usually found in the Not Connected list).

Click the Report Selected button to notify your IT team that you are experiencing a problem.

Additionally, you can send a Log Report from a student's device for further investigation by a Dyknow School Success Manager.

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