DyKnow Monitor/Vision 5.8 Release Preview - Autoupdater + Browser URL Filtering


No more mid-year patches or pushes!!

DyKnow Monitor/Vision version 5.8 features an autoupdating client and brand new URL Filter feature that plays nice with your other systems.  These enhancements were developed directly from your feedback.  We expect 5.8 availability April 10, 2015 so customers can begin testing for inclusion this Fall.

Auto-Updating Client

  • No more mid-year patches, pushes or imaging.
  • How?  Your devices running DyKnow Monitor and/or DyKnow Vision 5.8 will receive silent OTA updates similar to how the Chrome browser works.  You can also change settings in the DyKnow Admin Console to toggle the updater ON/OFF or even create and toggle different deployment groups (i.e. "test" group vs. "production") FAQ here.

Browser-Specific URL Filtering

  • No more conflicts with content filters or other networked apps like mobile content filters, cloud syncing agents, or instant messengers.
  • How?  This new component no longer operates at the lowest level of the OS where other networked apps live. Instead,it filters browsers themselves. Not only does this keep DyKnow Monitor from "bumping into" other vendors, it is also more secure.
  • Bonus:  This technology change also makes it significantly easier for teachers to create their URL filtering plans.  There’s no more need to worry about third party content running in the margins within a particular allowed URL. If students click on this content and the resulting site is NOT currently in the teacher's allow list, the student will be blocked as expected.
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