DyKnow Cloud Product Feedback & Release Policy


We covet your feedback now more than ever – thanks in advance! DyKnow Cloud is a SaaS product designed to continually evolve and improve through our product management process. All users benefit from feedback: it allows us make the product more reliable, valuable, and enjoyable for teachers and students in the classroom. In fact, your feedback resulted in a major DyKnow Cloud update in summer 2015 that teachers are loving for its simplicity and instant value.


“Bug” vs. Enhancement

We all know it’s frustrating when we use something and it seems broken or doesn’t work as expected. Or when you think of something new that would make your life easier that you wish worked today. Many think of these in the software world and call them “bugs.” However, not all bugs are created equal. Here’s how we define them and what we do:

You Say

Our Definition


“DyKnow is unusable”

Major bug

Highest priority to resolve

“Part of DyKnow is impaired”

Minor bug

High priority to resolve

“DyKnow is usable but not working as expected”

Enhancement request

Product management: check strategic alignment, popularity, and scope to determine if it makes the roadmap.

“It would be useful/cool if DyKnow did ___”

Enhancement request

Product management: check strategic alignment, popularity, and scope to determine if it makes the roadmap.

Take a visual tour of the Lifecycle of a DyKnow Enhancement Request »!


Update Schedule

By nature, SaaS tools like DyKnow Cloud are "never done," so we are always improving the product. Regarding the Cloud teacher console (via the browser), we make updates and fixes continually. These changes are usually major or minor bug fixes but also occasionally include small user interface (UI) changes that teachers told us would make the product easier to use. Since these updates are frequent, not disruptive, and require no customer action, we do not send an email notification to DyKnow Cloud admins on record. 

For updates to DyKnow Cloud student installers, we may send an email notification to admins by email in advance of an update, especially for Mac users. For the rest of our OS installers, updates are typically automatically applied to your student devices (read how student installer updates are applied by OS).

For major enhancements or UI updates that require teacher preparation, we provide ample notice. Often these changes are scheduled for the US summer break or winter holiday. Regardless, DyKnow Cloud admins will receive an email notification with scheduled changes approximately 1 month before the release to ensure that teachers can hit the ground running when changes are live. 

For routine back-end (Amazon cloud) maintenance, admins and teachers will see a banner in the DyKnow Cloud browser console announcing the maintenance window. This work is typically done during the day on a Saturday EST US.

Regardless, you may check release notes to see update highlights over time.

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