DyKnow 5.8 Updater Technical FAQ


How do I get the autoupdater on my devices?

A: The DyKnow Monitor and/or DyKnow Vision 5.8 clients automatically update. You must have both clients and your server on version 5.8.


What’s the default update setting?

A: Updating = ON. 90% of customers keep this setting, but you have the option to turn updating OFF or create different deployment groups (more on this below).


How often do updates come, and how will I know it's coming?

A: Read our 5.8 update release policy and 5.8 version history.


Do devices need to have admin rights to be updated?

A: No. Our updater runs silently OTA regardless of the permissions of the signed on user.


Won’t I have a problem with devices that are off when an update goes out?

A: The client will "call home" and check for updates the next time the device is on Internet-connected.


What happens if a device’s network connection is interrupted in the middle of an update?

A: Our updater works through interruptions. It does not begin updating until the download of the update is complete, the package has been validated, and the user has closed the DyKnow Vision client (if applicable). If an update does fail for any reason, the client will retry the update about every 5 hours.


Will a DyKnow update ever force a reboot? 

A: No reboots are necessary. The update itself is invisible to the user. There is no interruption of DyKnow end user functionality during the update process.


Are there any other reasons an update might fail?

A: Outside a network interruption, here are common scenarios in which an update would fail:

  • Outbound traffic on port 443 is blocked on your DyKnow App server. To resolve this, open port 443.
  • Your content filter is blocking updates. To resolve this, whitelist "desktopupdate.dyknow.com" in your filter.
  • Your firewall filters at the anonymous user level and is blocking DyKnow. Our updates run at the anonymous user level, not the domain level. This is a known incompatibility with select firewall providers. The most reliable form of diagnosing this issue is sending logs from a student or teacher device.
  • If an update does fail for any reason, the client will retry the update within 5 hours.


What is the average size of an update?

A: We expect the average size to be around 6 MB.


What type of component is the autoupdater itself?

A: It’s part of our core monitoring component that runs on each device. 


Will DyKnow report update statistics (i.e. success rate, update versions)?

A: Yes. To see how many clients are running which version navigate to the DyKnow Admin Console > View Workstation Snapshot > [sort by] Version. Version history is here.


Does the updater allow me to rollback from a corrupted or bad update?

A: No, the DyKnow updater is forward-looking only. If we release an update that has an issue, we will release another update ASAP. You have the option to follow our best practices to create different deployment groups.


Does the autoupdater allow for different groups of devices to be updated differently?

A: Yes. A best practice for large districts is to create two deployment groups in the DyKnow Administration Console, one with “test” devices and the other with “production” devices. See detailed setup instructions.


What does deployment groups mean for installation of 5.8 client?

A: You need a distinct deployment group MSI for each deployment group. This deployment group MSI is in addition to the core client MSI. Click here for detailed setup instructions.


I already have a different DyKnow MSI for teacher and student. Can a single deployment group still be applied to all MSIs?

A: Yes, the same deployment group MSI can be used alongside any combination of client MSIs. If your teacher client MSI is the full DyKnow client and student is just the Monitor service, these will remain the same as updates happen.


Will the updater ever push the DyKnow client out of compatibility with other prerequisites or the DyKnow server?

A: No. Our server version is mature, and we don’t see major changes that would cause this. The main purpose of the updater is to respond to IT environmental changes such as a browser update or new version of Windows OS.

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