DyKnow Cloud: Installing on Mac OSX


Prerequisite:  Mac OS X 10.8, 10.9, or 10.10

The Monitor agent on student Macs requires a customized installer. The .pkg file can be deployed manually or via push tools such as Casper Suite or Apple Remote Desktop.  Please ask your CSM or email csm@dyknow.com to request your custom installer.

Note: keep in mind that if the logged in OS X user is not in the data you sent us, that Mac will receive a DyKnow popup on the desktop requesting username and password. This DyKnow popup will remain on screen until the student enters credentials that match the data you sent us.

The most common time this happens is when students use a common or generic username to log onto Macs. The best practice is to have a unique number or username for each student when signing onto the Mac.


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