Install Dyknow Cloud Connector on Student Mac



The Dyknow Cloud agent on student Mac devices requires a customized installer. The .pkg file can be deployed manually or via push tools such as Casper Suite or Apple Remote Desktop. To ensure the .pkg remains installed on student devices, select or implement this policy via your push tool or MDM (Mobile Device Management) software.

Prerequisite: Mac OS X 10.10 or 10.12+

This document is a resource for Dyknow Admins to understand how to:



Follow the steps below to confirm in Dyknow that students at your district use Mac devices.

1. Login to Dyknow.

2. Click the gear icon DyKnow_Web_App_-_gear_icon.png; you will be redirected to the Admin Settings.

2. Click the Cloud Connector tab.

3. Locate the Choose all student device types section.

4. Click Mac.

5. Review the new Mac section once the Cloud Connector is complete.

6. Click the download icon to download the Mac Cloud Connector.

Note: The MonitorInstall_dyknow.pkg file will begin downloading immediately.

7. Install the Mac Cloud Connector onto student devices.



We recommend the following settings for Mac devices. Follow the steps below to configure student Mac device settings.


Allow Auto Updates.

Note: The Dyknow Cloud Connector automatically updates. We recommend setting up your MDM to allow for these updates to occur, ensuring Dyknow stays up-to-date on all of student devices.


Disallow Parental Controls.

Note: Based on your school's Mac OS configurations, Parental Controls may cause a message on some students' devices that says "You do not have access to update DyKnow."

To resolve this message, be sure DyKnow Cloud is whitelisted in your Parental Control settings. These settings may exist in your MDM Software, or locally on the device.


Install the Privacy Policy. If your district maintains student Mac devices via third-party, like an MDM software, install the privacy policy. Due to a new policy for Macs in MDM environments, privacy profiles must be configured in your MDM.

Note: Until you push out the MDM privacy policy, your Teachers will only see Safari or Chrome in the Activity Tracker during monitoring sessions and in Class/Student Analytics.

Prerequisite: Group Targeting OS 10.14+

As of 10.14.3, privacy profiles pushed to 10.13 and below remain ineffective after upgrading to 10.14. Skip this section if you already have appropriate smart group(s) created to handle this requirement. You can read more information here in Jamf's official documentation.

1. Click here to download the Dyknow MDM privacy policy configuration file.

2. Login to your MDM.

3. Click Computers.

4. Click Configuration Profiles.

5. Click Upload.

6. Upload the DyKnow.mobileconfig file.

7. Click the Scope tab.

8. Set Target Computers to your Computer Group (from step 3).


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