DyKnow Cloud: Setup IP and Time Restrictions for Monitoring


Your school's device policy or AUP may include language that establishes appropriate technology usage both at school and at home. Alternatively, a school may not want to monitor devices that are owned by families and will be used outside of school hours. DyKnow Cloud contains settings that you can modify to prevent devices from being monitored outside of school hours and/or off of school networks. DyKnow highly recommends configuring both settings.

Setting up Allowed Time and IPs for Monitoring

  • Log in to your DyKnow Cloud account (https://[yourschool].dyknow.me) with Administrator credentials
  • Navigate to the Admin Gear icon
  • Click the Blackout Settings link
  • DATES: Purple shading on the days of the week indicate that monitoring is available. Most customers enable monitoring on weekdays (purple) but not on weekends (white).
  • TIMES: After selecting days of the week, choose specific times of day to enable and disable monitoring. Most implementations enable monitoring in the early morning (7:00 am) and disable it in the early evening (4:00 pm).

Time of day restrictions are established based on the start time of a session and will also be enforced if a session lasts into the set end time.

Example 1: Teacher starts session at 3 pm and monitors students. Class ends at 3:50 pm, but the teacher forgets to end monitoring. Since the restriction is set to apply at 4 pm, the monitored session automatically ends and thus releases the enrolled student devices.

Example 2: Teacher attempts to start a session at 7:45 am. Time of day restrictions open at 8 am. The teacher would not be able to monitor students and receives a popup error explaining this. The teacher must try to initiate the session again at 8 am or after.

  • FOR IP: Click Add New IP Range
  • FOR IP: Enter your organization's public IP address(es) for where you want monitoring to be available. If you don't know your IP, talk to your network admin. If still you don't know, we recommend you visit www.findmyipaddress.com on a device on your student network(s). Once you find it we recommend adding a wildcard to the end of the IP. (i.e. 170.10.10.*) For more information about how this technology works and why this setup is different than other DyKnow products, visit this FAQ.

IP range restrictions are actively enforced at all times regardless of any Time restrictions.

Example 1: Teacher forgets to stop monitoring after school and the student connects to Wifi at home. The resulting laptop IP falls outside the allowed IP range and will automatically be released from the monitoring session.

Example 2: Student tethers his school laptop to his iPhone's Internet connectivity. The resulting laptop IP falls outside the allowed IP range and will automatically be released from the monitoring session.



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